Delrie Design, Construction & Maintenance
Serving South Mississippi's Pine Belt Region.
Laurel, Ellisville, Hattiesburg


     Why design?  TV, magazines, books and other media showcase popular trends and show us beauty in various forms.  They can be a source of inspiration that we draw upon, but one must be able to consider the practicality of such ideas to bring them to life.

     Good design is a helpful tool that can save time and money.  Delrie Design, Construction & Maintenance works hard to design in such a way that maximizes the use of space while retaining proper aesthetics and remaining within budget.  As a contractor, I know when I draw up plans, that everything I design costs money.  So I do my best to “value engineer” my projects to maximize the use of materials to reduce waste and costs.  It is much cheaper to move a few lines on a piece of paper than to move walls or toilets that are already installed.  Also, good design solves many problems and conflicts that come up during the construction process.

Services offered:

House Plans

Construction Documents

Drafting Services

Site Visits

Project Planning

Project Estimates and Cost Breakdowns

Don’t need a full set of plans?  Perhaps you need just a sketch or some basic layout.  No problem, I can help. Just email me and we can discuss your dreams together.